No matter which research report you have in hand, you don’t have to read very far to get the sense that most businesses are moving toward the cloud these days.  From a recent Cloud Industry Forum study, first time cloud adoption has grown 27% in the last 18 months, and the rate of growth will consistently stay in the 30 – 40% range over the next five years.

The time to start leveraging the power of cloud is now, and we can help.


Visualize your strategy

Adopting the cloud can sometimes be daunting.  At Cloud Launch One, we believe coming up with a sound cloud strategy that is unique to your organization and ensuring the implementation is successful, you need to perform a thorough review of your business needs, determine what should and should not be “cloud-ified”, and clearly lay out the roadmap to reach your goal.  Cloud Launch One can work with you to help you visualize your cloud strategy.




Do more with cloud

If you are like any other businesses, you know that leveraging the cloud is the trend these days.  You know you can run your business more efficiently with less capital expenditure. Instead of tying up crucial operating funds in hardware and physical space, you can divert these funds into cloud tools that can help you innovate your products or services, at a fraction of the cost.  Cloud Launch One provides a marketplace where you can leverage the right cloud services to do more.




Get you to market faster

All businesses are moving at the speed of light these days.  If you are not, you can get left behind very quickly.  As a Cloud Launch One customer, you inherently benefit from the power of cloud.  If you have a new idea, or want to improve on an existing service, you can spin up an environment that lets you start turning your idea into reality.  When you are the first-to-market, it means you can connect with your target market that much faster.




Help grow your business

When you first sign up with us, you will likely select just one of our services.   However, you have the peace of mind knowing that as your business grows, we will be there every step of the way to help you with what you need.  We fit our cloud solutions to your business needs, not the reverse.